Ordinary to Extraordinary

6914 Brisbane Court, Suite 301
Sugar Land, Texas
(979) 541-6631

About Us

Alchemy Fitness is a 24 hour training facility located in the Greatwood area of Sugar Land, Texas. Alchemy is the process in which base metals are transformed into gold so essentially turning something ordinary into something extraordinary.

We create a personalized environment for our members to pursue their fitness goals. Our equipment and classes combined with our amazing team creates the ultimate motivating fitness atmosphere.

Health and fitness is a passion Steven and Christyn Flores have used to drive their ambition in helping others achieve their full potential.

As a fitness professional and certified personal trainer, Steven has over a decade of experience teaching proper nutrition, building specific menus, educating and coaching his clients towards success.

With a background in Kinesiology, health and nutrition, Christyn’s practiced in identifying imbalances in the body’s structure, understanding efficiency and performance factors that influence the body’s movement and overall improvement of health and agility.

Current natives of Sugar Land, they look forward to meeting their community, ready to help them get in the best shape of their life!

You have to assemble your life yourself — action by action.

Marcus Aurelius